How To Get Rid Of Warts On Fingers – 7 Effective Treatments

how to get rid of warts on fingersAs a warts sufferer, you’re probably looking for an affordable, risk-free and easy to apply solution to how to get rid of warts on fingers. Just like other patients out there, you’re probably interested in the best way to get rid of warts on fingers without expensive medical treatments and invasive procedures.

Fortunately, there are dozens of herbal and natural solutions you can rely on when trying to see how to treat warts on fingers at home, in an effective manner and without putting your health at risk.

If you’re curious to learn about the finger warts treatment alternatives, you should take the time to read our recommendations and decide which of the remedies described below suits you the best.

How To Get Rid Of Warts On Fingers With Potatoes

Using potatoes is one of the most effective solutions to how to get rid of warts naturally as they contain a variety of acid substances which fight against the virus responsible for the formation of the skin growth.

Applied daily, potatoes slices speed up the healing of the skin by causing the wart to shrink, turn black and fall off. This process is the result of the negative reaction HPV has to the acids in potatoes, so if you want to know how to get rid of warts on fingers with this simple and effective natural remedy, just cut some slices of fresh potatoes and put them on the skin.

Cover the area with a bandage so that the slices remain in place and leave it like that for several hours. Wash the hands before going to bed and dry them, so that skin breathes properly. This procedure should be repeated for at least 2-3 weeks or even longer if no improvement is seen during this period.

How To Get Rid Of Finger Warts With Marigold

Together with potatoes, marigolds are listed among the most effective natural remedies for warts on fingers. Juice and sap obtained from these plants are very powerful and have anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties thanks to their high concentration of lutein.

This yellow carotenoid pigment was proven to exert a positive action in health conditions caused by the HPV, so if you want to use this plant as finger warts treatment, all you have to do is break a marigold’s stem and rub it against the affected area.

Another way to use marigolds as a solution to how to get rid of warts on fingers is to take the leaves and soak them in warm water. Blend them to form a paste and apply it on the skin growth, covering with a bandage so that it remains in place. Do this daily for a couple of weeks, until you notice results.

Tea Tree Oil As Home Treatment For Warts On Fingers

An effective solution to this health condition, with results proven in many studies, is tea tree oil, a product recommended in many skin problems thanks to its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

To remove warts using this natural remedy you should put a drop of tea tree oil on a cotton pad and place it on the affected skin, covering with a bandage to remain in place. However, make sure to protect skin surrounding the wart by applying petroleum jelly or by diluting the oil with water, as it’s very powerful and can damage the epidermis.

Other essential oils and herbal remedies can be mixed with this one for a more complex action. Olive oil and aloe vera are only two examples of natural products that can enhance the effectiveness of this treatment, accelerating the removal of the damaged skin layers and sustaining skin’s recovery.

How To Treat Warts On Fingers With Onions

Onions can be another solution to how to get rid of finger warts as juice obtained from these vegetables is very acid thus it fights against viruses and bacteria, improving the immune system’s reaction to pathogens.

Onion juice stimulates circulation and speeds up the healing process of the skin so by applying it daily you can get rid of warts naturally. Just apply it by rubbing a slice of onion on the hands and let it dry, but make sure it doesn’t reach your face as it’s quite powerful and skin face might get irritated.

Assuming you’re not really willing to smell like onions at the office, apply this remedy at night and wash the hands thoroughly in the morning or during nighttime, if you happen to go to the bathroom.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Warts On Fingers At Home

A less common yet very efficient treatment for warts on fingers is hot water, in which you can add some salt for a more intense effect. This remedy softens the damaged skin of the wart and it may even kill the HPV.

However, keep in mind that too hot water can cause serious injuries so you should pay attention to this aspect if you decide applying this solution as finger warts treatment. For quicker results, try to keep hands in the salty, warm water for as much as you can stand.

Besides speeding up the removal of the affected skin layers, this method also eliminates dead skin cells and pathogens, improving your hands’ appearance and health. As a consequence, it stimulates regeneration of skin cells, helping it heal faster.

Castor Oil As Finger Warts Treatment

Castor oil is generally used in combination with other home remedies for getting rid of warts on fingers as it is very powerful. This oil contains strong acids that irritate the skin so they speed up the organism’s reaction to the damage caused to the treated area.

However, being so pungent, castor oil damages healthy skin as well, so you should use a cotton swab when apply it and only put a small amount on the warts. You can treat the skin surrounding the growth with petroleum jelly before applying the castor oil so that you prevent unpleasant reactions.

How To Get Rid Of Warts On Fingers With Citrus Fruits

Last on our list of solutions to how to get rid of warts on hands are citrus fruits, which can be used either internally or topical. Lemons and limes are the best as they are very rich in vitamin C, one of the best natural remedies for skin conditions such as warts.

Also, citrus fruits deliver an important amount of vitamin B, which boosts the immune function, as well as lots of vital antioxidants which stimulate circulation and promote the health of all tissues and cells.

You can opt for applying lemon juice on the affected area and wait until it dries or for cutting a slice of lemon and putting it on the wart, covering with a bandage and leaving it there to exert its healing effect overnight. In case you feel a burning sensation and can’t stand it for several hours you can remove the lemon and wash the hands thoroughly, letting them breathe for the rest of the night.

Keep in mind that this powerful juice can harm the healthy skin when kept in contact for too long so you should protect the area surrounding the wart by applying some petroleum jelly before placing the lemon slice.

These natural solutions and remedies can show you how to get rid of warts on fingers without relying on costly medical products or treatments.

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