How To Get Rid Of Warts On Feet – 7 Easy Treatments

how to get rid of warts on feetBefore trying to find out how to get rid of warts on feet, you should know what causes these painful and disturbing skin bumps. Regardless of the skin area they occur on, warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus, a pathogen transmitted through direct contact and sexual relationships.

According to statistics, almost half of the sexually active people have this virus although not all of them manifest the typical symptoms – warts on hands, feet, face or in the genital area.

Unfortunately, this pathogen can lead to serious complications when left untreated so if you want to know how to prevent or cure warts and keep HPV under control, take a look at the remedies below.

How To Get Rid Of Warts On Feet With Basil Leaves

Using basil leaves as a home remedy for curing skin growths caused by the Human Papilloma Virus is the best way to get rid of warts on feet as this plant has multiple health benefits, as follows: it lowers blood pressure, it strengthens immunity, treats digestive problems, ulcers and the lack of appetite, improves breathing and prevents dental plaque.

Mixing 6 different compounds that have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, basil leaves can be successfully used to cure warts on feet. All you need to do is crush the fresh leaves and rub them against the damaged skin or place them on the warts and secure with medical bandage.

By repeating the procedure daily you should see some improvements in your condition within few weeks. Still, keep in mind that the effectiveness of this treatment can be influenced by wearing stockings made of synthetic fibers, by moisture and improper hygiene.

To get the most of this natural cure, wear cotton stockings and keep the feet dry as much as possible. Wash the skin thoroughly before applying the leaves, so that all bacteria and pathogens are removed.

How To Cure Warts On Feet With Antim Crud

Another remedy you can use when looking into how to get rid of plantar warts is Antim Crud, a mineral naturally found in quartz veins in America and Europe. This substance is widely used in homeopathy for several health conditions, from skin and nail ailments to digestion problems, toothaches and cold.

Antim Crud can be found in the form of pellets, mixed with other ingredients to prevent side effects. These tablets can be taken in their original form or dissolved in water, in the recommended daily dose.

How To Treat Warts On Feet With Kali Mur

Kali Mur is a salt found in muscle tissue, in inter-cellular body fluids, in nerve cells and blood corpuscles. It is available in liquid form and can be purchased from drug stores and pharmacies, its main indication being ear infections.

The health benefits of this substance include the reduction of symptoms associated with skin eruptions and inflammations, the improvement of skin’s health in case of swelling, soreness and bumps as well as the healing of respiratory congestions.

To cure warts on feet with this substance, you’ll need to get some tablets of Kali Mur – which are widely available within the United States and in Germany as well – and take them orally or mix them with water and drink the product as indicated during the day.

How To Get Rid Of Warts On Toes With Pineapple

The use of pineapple as a solution to how to get rid of warts on feet is based on this fruit’s ability of boosting immunity and dissolving skin growths caused by the HPV. Responsible for this powerful action is an enzyme called bromelain, found in the pineapple fruit and its stem, as well as the high content of manganese and vitamin C.

These minerals are needed in maintaining the health of connective tissues and the normal functioning of cells so they can improve one’s health state and help in the quicker removal of warts.

To use this treatment, all you have to do is cut a fresh slice of pineapple and apply it on the affected skin region, covering with medical tape or soaking a cotton ball in juice obtained from this fruit and rubbing it against the wart for several minutes a day.

How To Cure Warts On Feet With Oregano Oil

Oregano was first used in medical purposes by Greeks, who discovered the effectiveness of this natural remedy against respiratory problems, stomachaches and skin conditions such as warts. This plant is very rich in antibiotic ingredients such as carvacrol therefore it can be successfully used to relieve symptoms associated with warts.

To get the most of this natural remedy, mix some drops of oregano oil with almond, coconut or carrier oil as this way you prevent skin burns that this powerful product could cause when applied on the damaged areas.

Once the mixture is obtained, apply it on the warts four to six times a day, allowing it to dry and covering with a bandage to prevent dirt and bacteria from reaching there.

How To Get Rid Of Warts On Legs With Cinnamon

Cinnamon is an effective treatment for warts on feet as it’s very rich in antioxidants and has strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Oil obtained from this plant delivers an important amount of iron, calcium, fiber and manganese, so the product can be used both internally and externally for curing various health conditions, among which warts.

According to online testimonials, cinnamon oil can cure warts on feet in about two weeks but this surely depends on how severe the skin condition is and on the overall health state of the sufferer. A stronger immune system fights easier against abnormal skin growths and has greater chances of killing the HPV virus responsible for the occurrence of warts.

This is how to treat warts on feet with cinnamon oil: right after showering or washing your feet, dry the skin and apply the undiluted oil on the affected areas, covering with a soft bandage.

Radishes As Treatment For Warts On Feet

Originating in China, radishes are widely used in traditional medicine as a cure for skin disorders, kidney problems, various types of cancers and insect bites. They’re very rich in proteins, calcium, zinc, vitamin B and vitamin C and have strong healing properties.

Radishes act by relieving rash and dryness of skin, reducing pain and inflammation and strengthening the immune system for a better management of health issues caused by pathogens like the Human Papilloma Virus.

Here’s how to get rid of warts on feet using radishes: cut a small slice of radish and put in on the affected skin, covering with medical tape or duct tape. You can rub a slice on the skin surrounding the wart as well, before securing the bandage in place, just to make sure all affected cells are targeted.

The treatment has to be repeated daily but you can change the slice of radish several times a day if your schedule and job allows it. This will speed up the healing process of the skin and will bring the expected results earlier.

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